Digital solutions for improving diabetes care


The challenge

Tens of millions of individuals with diabetes are not meeting their treatment targets. Clinic appointments are scheduled with a standard frequency without proper tools to prioritize them based on individual needs. Self-monitored blood glucose results are often poorly available for healthcare professionals (typically recorded in paper logbooks if at all) and with no visibility between appointments, which can lead to delayed interventions.

Not meeting treatment targets increases the risk of serious and costly complications, such as amputations, kidney failure, loss of eyesight, cardiovascular disease and nerve damage. These complications, which often could be prevented, constitute a significant component of the overall cost of diabetes to the society.

Improved care

We offer solutions that allow healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients’ blood glucose levels between appointments. Individual targets can be set for patients, and an automated alert system will let professionals know when deviations occur. Patients’ success and compliance with basal insulin treatment can also be monitored remotely. Based on their targets, automated guidance can be given to patients thus empowering them to take better control of their diabetes.

All of this helps to prioritize work, intervene early when needed and give support to patients based on their individual needs. Better quality and productivity of diabetes care means less complications for patients, which leads to a lower overall cost of diabetes.

Our technology

Connected blood glucose meter

  • Easy to use
  • Built-in mobile data connection
  • Sends results automatically
  • Receives guiding messages

Balance cloud platform

  • Patients can share results with healthcare professionals
  • Secure and scalable Microsoft Azure technology
  • Designed to integrate future diabetes devices with wireless data transfer

Intelligent analytics

  • For professionals, alerts and support for treatment decisions
  • For patients, guidance based on individual targets

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